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Geisha is proud to announce their association with Diamond Dog Records
as their global distributor of music and merhandise.

Geisha Catalogue now available:

Good news for all Geisha fans (in fact, for all fans of 80's pop music) is the re-release of the original Geisha albums on CD format, as well as the release of **all new** Geisha titles, including the previously-abandoned third album "No Second Prize" and the 2006 release "Acoustic Memoirs of Geisha".

This page shows the titles that have been released on CD - go to Diamond Dog Records for pricing & purchase!

Available Titles

'No Second Prize ' - previously unreleased, this album was due for
release in 1988 but never saw the light of day - UNTIL NOW!


'Midnight To Dawn ' - a CD release of Geisha's 1987 album which
includes additional bonus tracks.


'Geisha - The Demo Sessions 86-87' - release of Geisha material
recorded around the time of their second album.


'Rainy Day - The 12" Mixes ' - a release of the original 12" mixes
from the first two Geisha albums.


'Geisha' - a re-release of the original
1985 Geisha debut album.


'Geisha - The Demo Sessions 84-85' - a NEW release of Geisha material
recorded prior to, and at the time of, the release of their debut album.


'Acoustic Memoirs of Geisha' - NEWLY-RECORDED Geisha songs
done in an acoustic format, featuring Chris Doheny!


'Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow' - the 2010 release which brought together past hits, hidden gems and newly released singles "Birthday" and "Mystery Writer" all on the one great album!


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