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New Single 'Sailing' in Out Now!
(31 July 2011)

Geisha surfaces:

Rock band Geisha had its moments of trial with new single Sailing. Leader Chris Doheny says he had a problem developing the song’s idea for 20 years until he recently bounced it off former LRB guitarist turned lecturer David Briggs.

During the recording, Doheny’s sound board burned out three times in a row.

While filming the clip on the Yarra River in Melbourne, drummer Tom Hosie almost drowned when he fell off the boat!

Sailing is the first single released from the new album Dysphasia which in the works and is expected to be released before xmas.

GEISHA LIVE!!! Coming in August
(26 May 2010)

Get ready, Geisha fans, to head out down to "the Peninsula" as a new Geisha show has just been announced in August.

To coincide with the release of the single "Tin Soldier/Kabuki 2010" (the third release from the album "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"), Geisha will be playing a live show at The Retronome Lounge.

Tickets to the show will cost $15 (details on purchasing tickets will be available shortly, but check back here or on the Diamond Dog Records website in the next few days).

The venue details are:

The Retronome Lounge
2203 Point Nepean Road
Rye Beach, Victoria.

Ph. 03 5985 3818

The new single is due to be released on July 1st 2010 and will be available on iTunes and all good record stores.

Geisha play LIVE on Gold FM
(22 April 2010)

In March, Chris and Joe caught up with Andy Grace in the Melbourne studios of radio station Gold FM 104.3. Speaking about current and upcoming projects, as well as about the performance of the current release (Yesterday, Today and Tommorrow), the featured a fantasic live acoustic performance of the 80's Geisha hit "Part Time Love Affair".

The clip of this performance is now online and can be viewed by clicking this link.

GEISHA exhibition - Powerhouse Museum
(7 March 2010)

Sydney's Powerhouse Museum has a new exhibition entitled "The 80s Are Back" which features a section on Chris Doheny & Geisha.

Running from December 2009 until late 2010, this exhibition is a must for people wishing to look back on those heady (and hairy!!!) days that were the 80's.

To see the article on Chris and Geisha, please follow this link.


Geisha Interviews on Rock FM/2PK (Parkes) & Crow FM (Queensland)
(6 May 2008)

In addition to interviews with mainstream commercial radio stations, Geisha has been busy speaking to several regional radio stations to ensure that they actively support fans in regional areas.

Recently Chris and Joe performed and inteview with DJ "Corky" on Crow FM (Queensland).
You can hear this interview here.

In addition, Chris actually dropped into Rock FM/2PK radio station in Parkes to have an extensive chat with announcer Trevor Young.
You can listen to this interview here.


Geisha appear with Andy Grace on Gold FM
(3 May 2008)

Chris and Joe made an appearance on Melbourne/Sydney radio satation Gold FM this week as guests of radio announcer Andy Grace's "The Night Show".

Speaking with Andy about a range of topics, the boys from Geisha also performed a live acoustic version of "Kabuki" on the show.

Discussing the release of their new album, their touring schedule and other facets of the band, both Chris & Joe had a wonderful time with their host.

Andy Grace is one of Melbourne & Sydney's best-known and well-loved radio personality.


We cannot, however, complete this news item without thanking a couple of "die-hard" Geisha fans for getting in touch with Andy and really puttiung the pressure on him to get the boys on.

Sharryn and Nicole were so keen to hear their idols being interviewed that Andy was able to have them in the studio as well during the segment (though we're not really sure who was entertaining whom!!!)

The band would like to officially and publicly thank both Sharryn & Nicole for being great fans!

Also, we would like to thank Andy and Gold FM for the opportunity and their support.

"Awsome Night at Spensers"
(24 February 2010)

Chris Doheny has told of his elation at the success of Geisha's live performance at Spensers Live in Melbourne on 20 February 2010.
"I couldn't get over how great the crowd was and how absolutely fantastic the reaction was to the band and the Music", exclaimed Chris. "It was an awesome night at Spensers!"

The band, who were supported on the evening by Tim Watson (Taxiride), played an energetic set comprising Geisha's biggest 80s hits together with all of the newly released material from their 2010 album "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow".

Many of the crowd had followed the band back in the 80s, but time seems to have done little to dampen their enthusiasm with many singing along to the old hits as well as the new.

A review of the show can be found on i heart guitar website.

Also, a new photo gallery taken from the show can be viewed here.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
(1 January 2010)

Already completed and due for release in January 2010, the CD "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" is an absolute must for Geisha fans and music lovers alike.

Containing and impressive back-catalogue of Geisha 80s hits such as "Fool's Way" and "Kabuki", the CD also includes unreleased gems such as covers of the Beatles' "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" and the Small Faces' "Tin Soldier".

Finally, the two newest Geisha songs, last year's release "Birthday" as well as a brand new single "Mystery Writer" are incorporated onto this fantastic CD.

With liner notes provided by Christie Eliezer (Pollstar Magazine, USA), production of the latest singles by legendary US producer Tom Werman, and promotion and distribution of the release by Diamond Dog Records, this is one release that the band is very enthusiastic about.

Click on this link to view the cover details and the liner notes included for the release.

Geisha is Back and LIVE in 2010!
(16 November 2009)

We are pleased to announce that Geisha has been quiet for very good reason over the last couple of months. We can now announce that they have been in the studio putting together brand new material for both a single and album release!

With a new single called “Mystery Writer” about to be released to radio and a new album “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” available just in time for Christmas, Geisha will be performing their first show for 2010 @ Spensers Live, Melbourne on Saturday February, 20.

The band will be performing all their past hits as well as their new material, and even, some new songs not yet heard outside the studio!

Saturday 20th February 2010
Tickets $15.
Bookings essential: Moshtix

For ticket booking go to:

"With special guest Tim Watson playing his hits from Taxiride"

Recognised as one of the finest singers in Australia today, Tim Watson’s years with Taxiride produced multi-platinum album sales and seven Top 40 hits including the smash hits “Get Set”, “Everywhere You Go” and “Creepin’ Up Slowly”.
Early career highlights include a Number 1 Album, winning an Aria Award and playing Wembley Stadium twice.
Since Taxiride, Tim has written and produced songs for Australian Idol & Neighbours, provided guitars for Number 1 Club smash ‘I Want You’ by Mark James (Jono Fernandez Mix), had a club hit alongside DJ Jono Fernandez with “Girl vs. Boy” and is currently at work on a new album under the guise of "Friends Of Mine”.

Showtime 8:30pm sharp!
Spensers Live
419 Spencer St, Melbourne, Australia 3003
Telephone: 03 9329 8821

Geisha Shows a Great Success!
(27 July 2009)

Geisha's Melbourne shows held in July were not only a successful pursuit for Chris hitting the boards again with a full rock band behind him, but it seems as though fans themselves were blown away with many disappointed that there were no imminent plans for more upcoming shows!

So, as a result of the demand, the band are in negotiations with further possible shows for later in the year - so stay tuned here for details as they become available.

In the meantime, this website has a page dedicated to the shows that were held in July together with photos, a couple of clips and even some audience feedback.

Click on this link to open the page.

Geisha Melbourne Shows Announced!
(12 May 2009)

Geisha have rescheduled their Melbourne shows!

After the scheduled March 21st launch of their new single “Birthday” (now available on itunes) was suddenly cancelled due to a freak accident that befell the venue. You will now be able to see the band at the following venues:

Friday, July 10th
Spensers Live
419 Spencer St Melbourne
(03) 9329 8821


Thursday, July 16th
The Toff In Town
Level 2, Curtin House
252 Swanston Street Melbourne
Phone: 03 9639 8770


Tickets $30 + BF on sale now from Moshtix
phone: 1300 GET TIX (438 849)
Moshtix outlets including Polyester (City) / $35 on door if available.

Doors open 8.00pm.

Geisha’s new single “Birthday” now available on itunes

(17 March 2009)

Geisha show at The New Capers Saturday 21st has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond the bands control!!

Geisha and I are very disappointed to inform you all of an accident that happened at the venue this week involving severe water damage that will see Capers closed for at least two weeks.

Please read the statement from Marg James (owner of Capers) below:

“Today was a day that I cannot believe or begin to explain.

A vehicle reversed into the fire hydrant located at the front of Caper's, unfortunately due to the impact and pressure of the water that entered the venue, it caused devastating damage internally. 

Due to this event, the venue will be closed and will reopen once all repairs have been completed.

To those of you who have purchased tickets for the next fortnights shows; Glenn Shorrock, Geisha, Private Function - 'A Magical Night with FADO', Vika Bull with Craig and The Hornets, Abby Dobson and Badloves, please contact Marg on 0402 552 202.

Sorry for any inconveniences, we will try and have the venue up and running ASAP and I will keep you all posted. 

Thankyou for your support,


Once again we want to thank you for your support and as soon as we have a new date for the show the website will be updated with the new details.


Chris Doheny

New Geisha Single Prompts Stars to Comment
(18 February 2009)

There has been no shortage of comments relating to Geisha's new Single Release, "Birthday". The following quotes are just some of these...

Geisha play proper rock with the guitar harmonies, and the rhythm section’s energy.  It’s been a long time, too long, since a really international hit-band came out of Oz. Geisha could be the answer.
Steve Harley (Cockney Rebel)

"Geisha, in enlisting one of the great rock producers in Tom Werman, bring us a vintage & classic take on the power ballad, with nice touches of acoustic guitar, reminiscent of early Stones...good, reliable powerful rock!"
- Ken Stringfellow (REM, The Posies, Big Star)

"It's great to hear someone return to the power ballads, someone had to and Geisha makes it sound back to the future. You'll wish everyday was your birthday so you could play this over and over."
- Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters, The Wallflowers)

"Birthday is a great song. Succinct, emotive and one of those rare songs that seems effortless, disarmingly simplistic. It is full of lush echoes of the eighties and brought up to speed by the sheer clarity of production. In days when bands cling to genre, 'Geisha' seem beyond that contemporary landscape. Fewer and fewer artists are capable of producing such an accessible emotion these days. Perfect, really."
- Mick Middles (The Guardian, UK)

"Geisha rock! I have heard some of their music and thought it was great! In particular, I really enjoyed the track, "Birthday". And the video clip looks and sounds good too."
- Elliot Easton (The Cars)

DVD Review - Geisha Unplugged Live@Capers
(18 February 2009)

Geisha Unplugged
Live @ Capers 2008 DvD
By Mick Middles (The Guardian)

Australia’s best kept secret? This undiscovered continent of a band – Geisha – amassed a boxful of hits in the eighties, all bound together by a certain grandness and, in the MOR rock sense, swagger.

Encountering their music for the first time is something of an adventure…songs that sparkle with that sense of ‘classic’. It all sounded so ‘large’…a gentle, stadium sound! 

Today, Geisha’s song-writing leader, Chris Doheny,  teams up with noted Melbourne guitarist and journalist, Joe Matera to form Geisha Unplugged, a whole new take on that original sound, now forging into original territory. ‘Live at Capers’ captures the pair – aided by the guitar, bass and keys of Albert Stefani – at a lively, low-key event in August 2008. It’s a fascinating film, under-produced to enigmatic effect; it offers a musicality stripped to the bone…talent too, laid fully bare.

Doheny’s voice, itself has certain ‘largeness’. Reminiscent of the Paul Young of Sad Café and Mike and the Mechanics, it has grandness and magnitude. Never, even here in this relatively modest setting, does the spectacle appear small.

The pairing of Doheny and Matera has now entered its second year. Where, once it seemed a temporary affair, it has now taken on a familiarity all of its own. Matera is musically grittier by nature. A genuine tattooed ‘rocker’,  whose insightful interviews for musician based magazines worldwide has helped add a human quality in an often rather dry area. To some extent, the same might apply here, with Matera’s muscular strumming pushing the music to a more physical area.

With more new material fast approaching, one hopes that the second coming  of Geisha might bring them to these shores. At present, and to British ears, the all-round strength of this material is hardly balanced by the band’s distant fame. One of the more perceptive British promoters might well realise that exposure, on these shores, my see that pattern reversed…and very quickly.

A single is set to precede the album and Geisha might, during the course of 2009, gain the international acclaim they always deserved.

GEISHA LIVE!! - Single Launch
(26 January 2009)

Single Launch

Corner Power St and Burwood Rd, Hawthorn, Vic.

Cost: $35 Show Only - $49 Dinner & Show

Geisha was one of the major musical acts to emerge in Australia during the mid-1980s. Conceived by founding member Chris Doheny, the band went on to enjoy substantial success between the years 1984 and 1987, scoring eight Top 10 hits on the Australian music charts which included the songs "Fool’s Way", "Girl Like You" and the number one hit, "Kabuki".

Chris, along with guitarist Joe Matera, have now brought Geisha back together and the band are recording all new material for an upcoming new album produced by the legendary Tom Werman (Cheap Trick, Motley Crue, Ted Nugent, Twisted Sister). First single off the new album is titled "Birthday" and it is currently garnering major radio airplay across Australia.

After having performed their last live band shows back in 1988, Geisha makes a welcome return to the Australian live scene by performing a special CD launch show for "Birthday" at New Capers on Saturday, March 21st. Rounding out the current Geisha live line-up are drummer Tom Hosie – from the last Geisha line-up of 1987 - and bassist/keyboardist Alby Stefani.

This is one show not to be missed this year, so book early!

(12 January 2009)

Popular 80's band Geisha are back with their first new single release since 1987!

Birthday is a mid-tempo rock ballad featuring killer hooks and the powerful vocals of founding member Chris Doheny.

Birthday was produced by legendary US producer Tom Werman who is noted for his work with Cheap Trick, Motley Crue, Ted Nugent, Twisted Sister, LA Guns, Stryper etc. Werman offered to produce when he heard a demo of the track in early 2008.

'When I heard the demo I knew the band had a chart hit on their hands... It took me back to those crazy days of working with Cheap Trick. I thoroughly enjoyed producing the track & I'm very happy with the end result'

Birthday has a strong melodic structure with big vocals, tasteful guitars and a touch of Hammond Organ.

Geisha enjoyed tremendous success in the mid eighties with numerous chart and radio hits including Kabuki, Part Time Love Affair, Rainy Day, Fools' Way, Calling Your Name & A Girl Like You'

The group produced two albums; the critically acclaimed self titled Geisha in 1985 and Midnight To Dawn in 1987 - The band sadly disbanded in 1988.

With a stack of new songs under his belt, vocalist and founding member Chris Doheny teamed up with noted guitarist and Rock Journalist Joe Matera at the tail end of 2007 to begin the next exciting chapter of the band's career.

The aptly titled Birthday is the first taste of Geisha's brand new album scheduled for release later in 2009. The band is currently in rehearsals and really looking forward to hitting the road for the first time in 22 years!

DVD NOW AVAILABLE - Geisha Live Unplugged @ New Capers
(17 November 2008)

December 1st will see a new live DVD release of Geisha Live Unplugged @ Capers.

Available through Diamond Dog Records, the DVD features the live and unplugged performance at the prestigious New Capers Hawthorn on 9th August 2008. The DVD represents the perfect gift for all Geisha (and 80's music!!!) fans and is available just in time for Christmas.

A brief summary is available on the Diamond Dog Records website, together with the latest announcements on upcoming Geisha releases and links to purchase the entire Geisha catalog online. Of course, contact details are available on the site should you require any further information.

Geisha Live DVD available from December 1, 2008

Geisha Show at New Capers Hailed a Great Success
(11 August 2008)

Last Saturday night (9th August 2008) saw Geisha deliver a fantastic perfomance at the New Capers in Hawthorn.

Chris Doheny led his three-piece acoustic combo through a back catalogue of hits from his heyday in Geisha, as well as some material from the Geisha "lost" catalogue, as well as from his solo career.

For many fans who were familiar with the Geisha hits as they were produced in the eighties, this was a journey into a whole new world of Geisha, with the songs taking on new life in a largely-acoustic format.

The night kicked off with "Never Tell You Why" - with three acoustic guitars ringing in the evening's performance - and ran through two sets and an encore to a highly appreciative audience.

The first set comprised of a backlog of Geisha material from the two albums released by Geisha in the eighties - the self-title "Geisha" and the 1987 follow-up "Midnight To Dawn". Among the songs were the hits "Part Time Love Affair", "Normal People" and "Rainy Day". A couple of standout performances included "Where Does That Leave Me" - with Chris' 12-string guitar coupling with an additional two 6-string acoustic guitars to give the song incredible depth for an "acoustic-only" performance - and the song which closed the first set "Fools Way" which showcased Chris' ability on a grand piano backed by acoustic guitar and double bass.

The second set for the night began with "No Second Prize" - the title track of what was to be Geisha's third album back around 1988. This however did not see the light of day until the tapes were dusted off, digitally remastered and released in 2007. Much of the second set also incorporated some of Chris' material from his post-Geisha days, including the track "In My Life" which he penned for Daryl Braithwaite and which was subsequently used on Braithwaite's award-winning album "Edge". The other notable inclusion was Chris' successful 1997 single "Can You Hear The Rain?"

In the intimate surroundings of the New Capers venue, Chris took the crowd through a musical journey of sorts - telling tales from his days in the band, stories behind the songs he wrote, and often interracting with audience members.

Throughout the performance, Chris was backed by well-known rock music journalist and Geisha guitarist Joe Matera. Joe is well known in the Australia (and International) music industry and is highly-respected not only for his writing craft (he has interviewed countless rock stars and has had in excess of 900 music articles published) but also for his ability and proficiency on guitar. His acoustic work on the night blended seemlessly into the new Geisha format and provided the melodic hooks and riffs that are very central, but often understated, part of Chris' melodies.

The trio was rounded out by Alby Stefani on double bass, guitar and keyboards, providing the bottom end and rhythm around which the melodies would flow.

With two sets completed, one comprising of released Geisha material and the second incorporating a range of Geisha rarities, demos and Chris' solo material, there was the final encore with two gems - the Geisha hit "Kabuki" and Chris' very-well known "More Than A Game" - this was, after all, a Melbourne crowd!

CLICK HERE to view photos of the show. (The gallery will open in a new browser window)

You can find out more about journalist/musician Joe Matera at his website:


Geisha Commence Recording New Album
(10 May 2008)

Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Chris Doheny and guitarist Joe Matera began recording sessions this week for what will become Geisha's first studio album to be recorded since 1989. The album will be the band's fourth official studio album to date.

The band are currently holed up in a Melbourne studio under the watchful eye of legendary American producer Tom Werman. During the '70s/'80s/'90s, Werman manned the desk for many U.S multi-platinum acts' albums such as those by Ted Nugent, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister and Cheap Trick to name but a few. Werman came onboard after hearing some of the band's impressive new demos.

Says Werman, "I was particularly delighted to contribute to the production of 'Birthday', since I could hear all the appealing elements of the song right in the demo and was reminded of how I used to approach the tunes that exhibited so much potential as single cuts".

Says Doheny, "I'm really excited at returning to the studio to make Geisha's next album. I believe this will be the definitive Geisha album as the new material is some of the best I've written to date".

The new recording will also be the first to feature guitarist Matera who joined Geisha late last year. The new single, titled "Birthday" will be released prior to the album's release.

CLICK HERE to view photos of Geisha at work in the studio. (The gallery will open in a new browser window)

New Geisha Releases NOW Available
(November 2007)

A series of new Geisha CDs have been released and are now available through Diamond Dog Records.

The most exciting release in this range is the 3rd Geisha album No Second Prize, which was initially due for release in 1988 but never saw the light of day - until NOW!

In addition, the album Midnight To Dawn is now out on CD format, with some bonus tracks included that were not on the original vinyl release.

Two further albums, Rainy Day - The 12" Mixes and Demo Sessions 86-87 round out this exciting group of releases.

Go to the purchases web page to view all of the album cover art. Fans can order these releases via the links on this website - they are great and have a whole series of hard-to-find Geisha releases from the 80s. For any additional details, comments or questions please email us directly.

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