Melbourne Shows Hailed a Success

For two evenings, the eighties returned to two Melbourne venues in the form of a re-vamped Geisha outfit playing a smattering of their classic hits mixed in with some rarer gems from their back catalogue, and also including their recently-released single "Birthday".

On Friday 10th July 2009, the band played at Spensers Live and followed this up with a second gig played at the Toff In Town on 16 July 2009. At both venues, an appreciative audience was able to re-live the classic Geisha tunes or, in the case of those who were too young in the eighties to have known of the band, discover a piece of Aussie rock/pop history. Geisha delivered two sets of songs with frontman Chris Doheny offering the crowd some insights and stories relating to the band and songs' histories. The crowd were also treated to an encore comprising of an intimate acoustic set of songs, which included the highlight "Kabuki".

This page includes some photos, clips and even audience feedback from those Melbourne shows.

Audience Feedback

G'day Chris

I was the bloke who spoke to you about your dad, his experience in the BCOF and how it influenced your bands theme and music. Congratulations on your show last night. I really enjoyed it and will try and drag some mates out when you play again. On that note please do some more shows when you can.
It was great to hear all the music that I'd only be able to hear on radio 26 years ago, tape and some CD, live. I was not expecting it to be the same (as some do!) and the rock and acoustic interpretations were excellent. I bought the acoustic memoirs CD and it's fantastic especially 'Where Does That Leave Me'.
I do have some suggestions for your next shows. They may not suit everybody though ! As somebody who likes more than just the music,its great to hear a band talk about their history,why certain songs were written,the bands experiences from past times and today,and just stories in general.

To some people its not important but to me it means the band is 3 dimensional and not just in it for the money.I can see that this wasnt and isnt the case.

One song i really would like to hear is 'night games',i dont know if it would work with the rock style the band has now.  anyway i reckon the Machinations got their sound from this song !! 
Thanks for the music ,please keep performing and best of luck for the future to you and the band

kon kesoglidis

Finally! I got to see Geisha as a full band and can honestly say it was one of the best shows I had seen in a long time, and well worth the wait.

The first thing that grabbed me was the rocked out sound, a little different from the Geisha of old but in my opinion better and stronger. Chris Doheny’s voice is still amazing, and guitarist Joe Matera is the perfect player for this new rockier sounding band. And they’ve lost none of their song writing talent, which is evident with their latest offering, “Birthday”, which is a great song.

The musicianship, camaraderie and jovial banter had the crowd dancing, cheering and laughing and the band made the audience feel like they were part of the show. I can’t say enough of how much I enjoyed myself and I can’t wait for the next Melbourne shows. Thanks guys for a great night out.

Nicole Christine, Presenter, Channel 31 TV


I was a huge fan in the 80s, bought 2 albums. My favourite songs Kabuki, Rain, Part Time Love Affair & Eastern Lovers.

 I seriously forgot all about you over the past 10 years until I saw an ad for your Spensers Live show. Needless to say, I went along with a friend & you sounded great.

 Well done. I’ll be looking forward to your new song/album & hope to see you live soon again (Birthday is a solid song). Good work.

 By the way, has anyone told you you look like the guy in Packed to the Rafters (Eric Thompson)?

 Cheers. Nick Raptopoulos


Band is terrific - set order worked well, loved the acoustic set and Boom Boom was the perfect ender.

I'd love to hear this band through a big PA - Also impressed with Joe's playing. It's a good looking band and certainly doesn't look like a bunch of 80's has beens.

And of course your vocals still make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck!

Michael x

Hi all! Just wanted to say thursday nights show was awesome and my daughter and I enjoyed every second!!

After purchasing some CDs, I've been cruising Melbourne singing Geisha at the top of my lungs since!! Not only an excellent sound but you are all really nice people! Thanks for a great night out, cant wait for the next time around. I will email some pics soon that i have from way back when..!!!

Thanks again
Nicki Brown

Hi Chris

Thanks for a great night at the Toff.  Sorry we had to run off and not chat after the show but we had to relieve our 'baby-sitter'. I've been meaning to send an email that reads more like a review of the Melb shows (styled for your website) but need more time to write this up. There's always short testimonials but they don't quite convey enough info about tracks/impressions etc.

Amazing what a difference 6 days between gigs can make in the delivery and impact of the set list. Briefly, what I liked was the better playing cohesion amongst the band - the more all 4 of you play together, the better the groove.  Jeremy really is coming to grips with the tunes as is Joe with his parts and stylings.  They can only grow into the roles and look like they enjoy themselves into the bargain.  I'm sure Alby has been in the mix a while longer over the years.

Too bad we only get the 2 shows in Melb for 2009.  I'm not sure where the rest of the tour takes Geisha (national? International?) but I doubt the band would be tired upon a return to Melb.  I'm sure you'd all sound slicker for the familiarity with the material and each other's musicianship.    Any chance of an end-of-tour return gig?

Good to see more punters at the smaller Toff (especially for a Thursday).  Made for a better vibe all round (and sorry if I hurt your teeth when I accidentally knocked the mic against them during Calling Your Name).

I thought the story about flying off to write songs with ex-pats in LA was great as an intro to Nobody's Angel.      M.Holden was therefore not a distraction and we all could focus on the song and how you were sensational in your vocal delivery on that number as a particular highlight of mine.     People will remember THAT impressive delivery from the show.  Let's hope they talk about it too... ...

I went home and looked for songwriting credits on No Second Prize.  Curiously I found none.  No matter.  'Holdy' himself put out a solo LP in the early 80's which he never talks about now.  I bought a sample copy for $2 in the late 80's at a 2nd hand record store.  Very hard to enjoy that LP back then (which I might need to re-listen to one day to see if it has improved with time).

I could keep chatting away but I better go.

Cheers - hope this email finds you wherever you may be on this tour.


Photo Gallery

Click on this link to view the photo gallery from the Melbourne shows.

Video Clips
(Special thanks to Vic Natoli for making this footage available to us)

Fool's Way (Live)
Recorded at the Toff In Town, Melbourne
16 July 2009


Girl Like You (Live)
Recorded at the Toff In Town, Melbourne
16 July 2009


Beauty In Emotion (Live)
Recorded at the Toff In Town, Melbourne
16 July 2009